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Paul Fisher


by PAUL FISHER 15 Jun, 2017
If we all take time to sit an reflect whats good in our lives, we quickly become overwhelmed with what's bad. The things we wish we could change but do not have the time, hectic family issues or the financial security to make it happen.  It could be that you have an ongoing health issue which you feel prevents you from doing so?   "Guilty to all of the above !!! That was me" 

Today, I work from home, a small council flat in a village called Cottingham. ( East Yorkshire, U.K.) Even google puts the village on the other side of the river!  Sadly, since 2005 I have a life long illness which changed every part of my day to day routine. I find myself in a totally different place both mentally and spiritually. Which is why I work on my own with the support of my boy's. Material possession have no meaning if you do not have your health. I'm a young fifty two, with dreams and ambition. I have always tried to be positive and not let my condition prevent me from enjoying life. However, like everyone, there have been  low points over the past decade which I might share with you as we start this journey together.  It's my intention, to put together an online society for people who are desperate to change their lives for the better. To honeycomb 
trusted individuals who can provide help and support to all life's problems. Individual's who are interested in you and I primarily, not just their bank balance. 
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